Hendersonville, tn Pump Track

Let's Bring a Pump Track to hendersonville!

Let’s Do This!


The pumptrack is an innovative play park that is becoming a must-have amenity in public parks.

But what exactly is a pump track?

It’s quite simple, really. A pump track is a track for wheeled sports equipment that allows riders to “pump” or use their body momentum and weight to propel themselves forward – no pedaling required!

How do we use a pump track?

Well, anyone with wheels can use a pump track. They are a multi-use paved recreational venue. In its simplest form, The Hendersonville Pump Track will be a set of paved rollers and berms with banked turns, small hills, rollers, and small jumps designed to be ridden without pedaling.

What will it look like?

The Hendersonville Pump Track will be a full-sized pump track for families of our community to enjoy. It will include a set of paved rollers and berms with banked turns, small hills, rollers, and small jumps that people young and old, beginner and skilled riders can enjoy: bikes, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, etc. for free.

Pump Track Hendersonville Site Plans

Where will it be?

At Veterans Park

Next to Mary’s Magical Place and the Hendersonville Skate Park. It’s a great way to add a fresh offering for the families of Hendersonville! The park has facilities and water fountains, and our location is away from the floodplain.


Greenway access, Nearby neighborhoods, Whitten Elementary, Baseball Families


Highly visible from the bypass giving H-ville a bike friendly image

Low traffic

Fewer special events than other local parks

Fun for All

Compliments the skatepark. Multi Uses, a wonderful recreational outlet for the families of Hendersonville



The Hendersonville Rotary Club is handling the funds for our community group, the Hendersonville Bike Trails (HBT). 100% of this funding will go to the pump track. The Public Works Department, Board of Mayor Alderman, Mayor, and Parks department have all voted unanimously to construct and maintain this addition. If donation goals are not met or exceed the needs for the pump track, the funds will be used in the Hendersonville park system for features on the bike trails at Warrior Trail and Heritage Park.

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